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Retronix Retro Rocker Guitars

Retro Rocker

Familiar single cutaway design
Heavily chambered body is available in three size options
Amazing tone and playability

Retronix R-800 Guitars


Traditional offset design
Amazing balance and versatility
Built the way you want for your style of play

Coming 3rd Quarter 2019

Our R-300 and R-200 models are currently being reworked and will be available later this year.  You can place pre-orders now by clicking on the guitars and selecting your options.

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Totally unique design
Fantastic balance and comfort
Unparalleled fret access


Retronix’ take on a classic design
Modern, American made hardware
Built to your specifications

Our Story

Retronix is a young guitar company based near Chattanooga, Tennessee. We make unique, custom, all-American solid body and semi-hollow body electric guitars. Our guitars feature unique Retronix original designs and our versions of the classics. They include the RetroRocker “Blues”, “Contemporary” and “Classic” designs, the radical R100 and R400, designs, the more conventional R200 and the R800 and R800 Bass. Tremolo and hard-tail models, as well as 4 and 5 string basses are available.

 Delivery is typically within 120 days from order. Retronix has one dealer/distributor – the Open Chord in Knoxville, TN, however, sales channels to collectors and musicians are mostly via social media, demonstrations and referrals. 

Attention to every detail

All 100% American instruments are hand-made to individual order and customized to client specifications. These highly playable, well-balanced works of art combine a “retro” look with leading edge electronics, hardware, and a world-class finish.



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Ooltewah, TN